Boost your mood when you wear this handmade sunny butterfly shell necklace made with 3 little bluish coquina clam shells embedded in a light gold resin.  The delicate coquina shells are living up to their nickname as they look like butterflies that are taking flight in this distinctive necklace.  These saltwater clams are some of the sea creatures that are found on the beaches on the gulf coast of Florida where this shell was discovered.  


Don't forget to pick out additional nylon necklaces to go with your pendant!  Pick nylon colors to match or contrast your pendant, or wear multiple colors together to get a unique look!  The antique gold cord also works well with this pendant.

Blue Butterfly Shell (Coquina) Resin Circle Necklace (one of a kind)

  • The genuine coquina shells were found on a beach on Florida's gulf coast.  This is a unique item and there is only one available.  The nylon cord is adjustable from approximately 15 to 18 inches.  The nylon cords have been treated with water and UV protectant.  

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